Elm Story 0.5.1 — seamless game updates in the browser

Introduced in Elm Story 0.5, games exported as a PWA are installable, offline-ready web apps bundled with the Elm Story Runtime Engine (ESRE). However, ESRE could not handle game updates. 0.5.1 addresses this complex problem.

Like modern native apps, ESRE now supports seamless game updates for your players.

For an in-depth look at how this works, check out the PWA guide from the Elm Story Docs web app.


Part of ESRE's quality test suite is running exported, self-hosted games through Lighthouse.

Not too shabby for early access, but still room for improvement!

Help + Documentation

Various parts of the Elm Story UI have been updated with contextual help. Clicking a help button (?) will open the representative guide in your browser via the Elm Story Docs web app.

Documentation is under active development and you are likely to see empty guides. I'm planning to finish initial expansion of these empty guides by early next week.

In the meantime, join us for a livestream tomorrow (Friday November 5th) at 7PM GMT for an introduction to Elm Story. RSVP here and follow our channel on Twitch.

0.5.1 (Early Access) Release Notes


  • App
    • ESRE now supports published engine and game updates
  • Docs

Enhancements, fixes and etc.

  • Game version uses semver check for validation
  • Added contextual help button to the app's title bar
  • Added contextual help buttons to game component UI
  • Added contextual help buttons to the export game menu
  • Fixed an issue where, when removing a selected passage via the game outline, the component properties panel would not reflect the selection change
  • Fixed an issue where, when adding a passage via the game outline, the new passage would not be selected
  • ESRE now provides feedback when game jump is modified and engine needs reset
  • Fixed an issue where ESRE would overflow long game titles in the event stream title bar
  • ESRE now uses correct color when selecting input text
  • Fixed an issue where, in scene view, choice titles could be blank
  • Updated app title bar buttons to improve readability

Known Issues

In the game tab, when ESRE provides feedback to reset, clicking the reset button may result in an empty event stream. The current workaround is to click the reset button in the devtool bar.

As this regression isn't app breaking, the plan is to address the issue in a 0.6 release.


This is an early access release and there are bugs. Please report issues you encounter to our subreddit, r/ElmStoryGames.

Roadmap Update

The roadmap is largely unchanged since the previous update. Elm Story 0.6 (multimedia update) is targeted for an early December release.

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Thank you for your continued support! :)


Elm Story (Early Access) — Mac 81 MB
Version 0.5.1 Nov 05, 2021
Elm Story (Early Access) — Linux 81 MB
Version 0.5.1 Nov 05, 2021
Elm Story (Early Access) — Windows 60 MB
Version 0.5.1 Nov 05, 2021

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