Elm Story 0.1.3 is now available; cut, copy and paste context menu and minor fixes

Greetings, folks!

Minor updates in this release. For more info on 0.1.x and moving to Alpha M2, check out the previous devlog.

0.1.3 (Alpha M2) Release Notes


  • Added context menu (cut, copy and paste) to alphanumeric inputs


  • Jump component data exports correctly
  • Updated OS app menus with relevant content


This is an alpha release and there are bugs. Please report issues you encounter to our subreddit, r/ElmStoryGames.


Alpha M2 is expected to run through May 19th 2020. To see what is planned in the future, check out the full roadmap.

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Elm Story (Alpha M2) — Mac 78 MB
Version 0.1.3 May 06, 2021
Elm Story (Alpha M2) — Linux 78 MB
Version 0.1.3 May 06, 2021
Elm Story (Alpha M2) — Windows 58 MB
Version 0.1.3 May 06, 2021

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