Elm Story 0.1.1 is now available, featuring game import and export; engine data schema released

Moving to Alpha Milestone 2 (and a bump from 0.0.2 to 0.1.1), this release brings an essential feature: data portability. In other words, game import and export. This addition enables external backup / version control, sharing and support for community formats and tools development.

Community Formats and Tools

Most exciting is that clean, external access to this data enables community development of game formats (think Twine story formats) and tools. If you are interested in building formats and tools for Elm Story, consider sharing updates on the community forum @ r/ElmStoryGames.

Importing Games

  1. In the Dashboard, click the import button
  2. Select your file and click open
  3. If validation passes, the game will be imported; title appended with (Imported)

Import Validation

Imported games are validated against publicly available, versioned engine schemas. This ensures that the data being imported will work correctly with the matching version of the internal database and engine renderer. Fairly clear error messages are displayed when validation fails. Future releases will provide robust migration features where necessary.

As of 0.1.1, the importer does not check if referenced components exist. Also, passage content is not validated against the internal engine renderer, as the spec is still in flux. Validation improvements are planned for a post-alpha, early access release. You can safely modify/remove games that are missing components without worrying about overall internal database health.

Exporting Games

  1. Open a game in the Editor
  2. Click the export button at the top of the Game Outliner
  3. Name your file and click save

Example Games

To support tutorial resources, I've started building games that demonstrate various engine features.

Inspired by one of my favorite door games, Legend of the Red Dragon, the first (and most complete) sample game is an RPG titled Project Katherine.

Download the JSON and import to check it out.

0.1.1 (Alpha M2) Release Notes


  • Import and export games as JSON
  • Public availability of game engine schema
  • Manage game version in the Editor


  • Game version displays in game boxes on the Dashboard
  • Changed Designer in app header to Editor
  • Changed game director to designer
  • Studio games array will not empty when game is removed
  • Component updated field is modified correctly


This is an alpha release and there are bugs. Please report issues you encounter to our subreddit, r/ElmStoryGames.


Alpha M2 is expected to run through May 19th 2020. To see what is planned in the future, check out the full roadmap.

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