A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Elm Story is a free, cross-platform design tool that helps authors, designers and students visually compose and publish immersive storyworlds. Featuring a virtual storyteller (DM), audiences experience branching narratives tailored to player choice. 

Discord community: https://discord.gg/v897evyc4Q
Updates: https://twitter.com/ElmStoryGames
Documentation: https://docs.elmstory.com

Main Features:

  • No-code and no-DSL, for real: focus only on writing and design, handle everything else through the user interface.
  • Easy to learn: start creating your own worlds by simply linking events.
  • Narrative first (storyworld-focused): easily manage all the components of a storyworld (characters, objects, places, events, variables).
  • Quality based narrative: the content of the narrative varies according to the qualities of the player or the world. Virtual storyteller: a system capable of dynamically managing the process of creating a narrative according to the interactions of the players.
  • Self-publication: import your worlds and export them to JSON or offline-ready, installable web apps.

In future, Elm Story will help designers and writers to generate content for a dynamic and procedural storyworld capable of combining the incredible experiences arising from a previously designed and well-structured narrative with the dynamic simulation created with a bottom-up approach bringing closer the utopia of an emergent narrative with dramatic elements generated from above. 


Elm Story (Early Access) — Windows 60 MB
Version 0.7.0 Apr 18, 2022
Elm Story (Early Access) — Mac 81 MB
Version 0.7.0 Apr 18, 2022
Elm Story (Early Access) — Linux 81 MB
Version 0.7.0 Apr 18, 2022

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export to renpy?

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As of 0.7, Elm Story supports export to compiled PWA and import/export to transportable JSON.

Our open JSON schema can be used to support the creation of serialization libraries to other formats/languages e.g. Ren'Py.


If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to post to our feedback board: https://gitlab.com/elmstorygames/feedback :D